The potential of film and video for inspiring participation, generating discussion and sharing your ideas across digital platforms is absolutely huge. With a simple idea, a great story and the right tone, film can bring your work to life like nothing else can. We have over twelve years professional and broadcast film production experience and will work closely with you to develop and deliver quality shorts, documentaries, training tools and animations that put creativity and watchability at the heart of your production. At Pixelbrix, we like to make films that you’d want to watch and share yourself. If you’re not sure where to start or what could work for you when it comes to developing film and video material, just give us a call and we’ll talk you through how it all works and share some ideas.
How your organisation is presented in your printed materials and digital platforms really does effect how people see you and interact with you. It’s not about looking like something else, it’s just about looking as good as you actually are. Scrubbing up well is not just for big companies; we make smart, modern, clear design and copy accessible to groups and organisations of all sizes. Whether its reports, promo materials, branding or billboards, we’ll help you to put your best foot forward (with snazzier shoes).
With so many options and tools now available in media and digital technology, it can be a bit of challenge to figure out what might actually be worth using. Viral this, meme that...what does it all mean anyway?! We design and deliver training that cuts through all the hype and offers understandable, enjoyable and practical learning that you can use in your everyday work. We offer accessible sessions in Social Media, Podcasting and Communication Development, as well as short communications courses that have been developed specifically for third sector and “non-tekkie” participants. Talk to us about what you’d like to achieve and we’ll deliver the training you need to get your voice heard clearly in the digital conversation.
Sometimes just one new idea can change everything. A fresh approach. A simple, clever way of looking at an old problem that turns out to be just the shift you needed. We’ve worked for many years with both corporate and third sector clients to develop new ways of communicating ideas and interacting with audiences. From affordable public billboard and radio campaigns to small local events and clever ideas for community change, we’re up for the challenge of coming up with great new solutions if you are.
belfast film festival
Film: BFF Trailer 2012
The Pansy Project
Film: The Pansy Project
something about mary
Film: Something About Mary
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Film: Into the Light
Out of the Shadows
Film:Out of the Shadows
Building Change Trust
Film: Building Change Trust
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belfast film festival
Branding & Design
belfast film festival
Branding & Design