About Us

We get excited about creativity that makes a difference. Positive change should look and feel as dynamic as it really is, so we want to work with you to find meaningful ways of interacting with your media savvy and info saturated audiences. We like: unexpected stories, surprising people, getting to the heart of things, inspiring (re)action and debate and distracting everyone from cat videos long enough to make sure your message is heard loud and clear.* At Pixelbrix, we’re motivated by creativity, not profit, so talk to us about how we can support your work without breaking the bank.
* We can also make cat videos.

What our clients say

"Pixelbrix combines creative vision with social conscience."
"Ruth and Richard have great patience, great ideas and the ability to really listen."
"They 'got' what we wanted and consistently delivered in a timely way, always seeking ways for us to 'up our game'."

Ruth McCarthy

I’ve been writing and drawing (and yelled at for leaving Lego on the floor) since 1973. After graduating from Art School in ‘91, I worked in the equality and community sectors but ended up training and working with the BBC in the late 90s. I produced content for local and national television and radio for eight years before moving to BBC Creative Development, where I facilitated online, TV and Radio teams in developing new ideas (all the while developing social events, cultural festivals and independent publications in my spare time. I like to keep busy.) I left the BBC in 2007 to concentrate on creative multimedia work, training and developing ideas around communication and social change. When I’m not getting giddy about creative revolutions and comic books, I DJ, sit on the Board of the Black Box in Belfast and am Artistic Director of the annual Outburst Queer Arts Festival.


Richard Summerville

I got my first computer in 1982 (spectrum 48k) - that and a love of Sci-Fi turned me into a lifelong techie geek. I really love the creative and transformative potential of multimedia. Over the past ten years I have worked as a facilitator, developer and producer, from adult learning multimedia facilitation to developing and managing a Peace 2 multimedia cross border project. The potential of multimedia to effect social and personal change has always inspired me and in 2008 I undertook an Msc. in Educational Multimedia at Queens University (passed with distinction). When I am not in front of a screen or behind a camera you will find me spending time with family and friends, reading, watching documentaries and fomenting plans for revolution.